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Secrets To Parenting Your Adult Child by Nancy Williams
Secrets to Parenting Your Adult Child

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Parenting doesn’t stop when the children grow up, and the nest doesn’t always empty when or how parents thought it would. The role changes, but the sense of responsibility continues. Whether you are adjusting to an empty nest, welcoming boomerang kids back home, or learning how to navigate the changing and challenging relationships with your adult children, you’ll want to read this book.

As a licensed counselor and life coach, Nancy draws from professional and personal experience, and also brings in the perspectives of young adults to guide readers in building healthy relationships with adult children.

Her insight, encouragement, and advice will help readers navigate everything from prolonged adolescence and boundary struggles to disappointing choices their children make and empty nest challenges.

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Reviews & Endorsements:

“This is one of the best books I have read on parenting an adult child. Sometimes it is incredibly complicated to deal with the complex issues of this particular season of our parenting journey. Nancy coaches us on all the important topics and brings us very practical advice. If you are trying to figure out this most fascinating time in the life of your family, like my wife and I are doing right now, read this book!” –Jim Burns, President, HomeWord, Author, Teenology: The Art of Raising Great Teenagers

“As I read through Nancy William’s wonderful book Secrets to Parenting Your Adult Child, I found myself stopping every few pages as I’d stumble across yet another nugget of truth. Staring at her words, I’d say, ‘Wow, if I would just do that, it would change everything!’ As the mother of four grown daughters, I need all of the ‘doable’ advice I can get. I heartily recommend this book to parents of grown children. You will refer to it often!” –Janice Hanna Thompson, Author, The House Is Quiet, Now What?

“For all of us who read the how-to parenting books when our children were young, here’s an excellent resource now that our children are grown. Secrets to Parenting Your Adult Child offers valuable wisdom for the changes and challenges we face and provides the tools needed for strengthening these precious relationships.” –Georgia Shaffer, PA Licensed Psychologist, Author, Taking Out Your Emotional Trash

“Inspiring. Encouraging. Challenging. These words describe Nancy Williams’ thought-provoking book Secrets to Parenting Your Adult Child. As the mother of four adult children, I find the process of “letting go” difficult. This book opened my eyes to the importance of setting them free. This book is a must for all parents!” –Carla McDougal, Reflective Life Ministries, Author, Reflecting Him: Living for Jesus and Loving It!

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