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Real Women, Real Answers, Real Joy Real Women, Real Answers, Real Joy Real Women, Real Answers, Real Joy Real Women, Real Answers, Real Joy


Under the umbrella of Nancy’s LPC license as a professional counselor, she offers a wide range of support services.

Therapy Services

Do you ever feel that life is passing you by while you are stuck on hold?  Are you feeling overwhelmed by life’s challenges?

Therapy can help you resolve issues from the past that may be holding you back by identifying and unlocking those places where you are “stuck,” freeing you to move forward and live life with grace, peace, and joy – as God desires.  Fees and scheduling are set on a session-by-session basis.

Life Coaching

Do you want to deepen your relationship with God and with others?  Do you want to find more time for the life you really want to live?  Are you searching for a sense of balance as you struggle to fit all the pieces of your life together?

Life Coaching helps bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be in your life. Nancy blends skills as an objective listener and encourager to support you as you discover how to fully live the life God has designed uniquely for you. Focus areas may include life balance, relationships, parenting, blended family challenges, grief recovery, mid life issues, retirement planning and adjustment, career development, life transitions, spiritual growth, communication, ministry, caring for aging parents, and coping with illness. Fees and scheduling are typically set on a monthly basis.

Express Coaching

Are you at a turning point in your life, wondering what to do next?

Express Coaching is an option for people facing a pressing concern that needs a concise, straight-to-the-point response. If you find yourself stuck in a situation or want a confidential, objective partner to process a specific issue or perhaps a pending decision with you, this “just-in-time” option may be just what you need. It is typically short term and specific in its focus. Fees and scheduling are set on a session-by-session basis.


Are you seeking expert advice to offer insight and support as you face an opportunity or challenge?

Consulting is another tool for those who want to draw on Nancy’s training and experience for professional advice on various life-management, career and ministry-related issues. Fees and scheduling are typically set on a case by case basis.

Working with Nancy

Nancy combines professional training and experience with her passion to help women create a fresh perspective on life and make positive changes that will bring deeper meaning, less stress, stronger relationships, more fulfillment and real joy.

Women often need a safe haven to express themselves, expose their fears and face the challenges life brings them. Nancy offers insight, compassion, and nurturing grace in a confidential setting where you can work through those concerns, find clarity and discover solutions that bring passion, purpose and joy to your life.

If you are not content with life “as is,” perhaps it’s time for a Life Renovation. Let Nancy come along side you as you consider how to clear away the clutter, let go of things past, freshen up those things of value, set goals and expectations that honor your beliefs and showcase your passion, make necessary adjustments and embrace new opportunities as you design a future that will bring meaning, purpose and joy to your life.

Ready for a Life Renovation? Start Now!

To learn more, or discuss which services might be a help to you, Contact Nancy for a free brief consultation.  During the consultation, you’ll discuss your goals and which of these approaches will best fit your needs, along with scheduling and fee arrangements.  Once you begin consultations with Nancy, the overall goal will be to look at the challenges you are facing, consider the choices available, and equip you to embrace changes in a way that will bring deeper meaning, greater fulfillment and joy to your life.

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